How to name and submit files/documents for Assessment Drop Boxes

  1. Certain special characters are not allowed in file names within Blackboard’s software.
    ONLY USE letters (A‐Z or a‐z), numbers (0‐9), or underscores (_) in the name of the file.
    DO NOT INCLUDE: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ +‐ = { } [ ]\| : ; < > ? , . /

    Example: VSW11_surname_Sub1.ppt
    Example: VSW11{surname}+subm!ss!on=1.pptx

  2. Problems may also arise from the format in which you save your files. For written submissions please send files in a compatible word format. If you use open office there should be a (.doc) format you can save your files in. Alternatively if you save in Rich Text Format (.rtf) the file will be convertible to word on most machines.
  3. Ensure when you submit files that they are saved as being compatible with previous versions of MS‐Office. For example if you save a MSPowerpoint file it should have extension .ppt instead of .pptx or if it’s a MSWord file it should have extension .doc instead of .docx
  4. Typically Blackboard won’t accept files that exceed 10mb in size. In this case contact your tutor to discuss alternative submission processes.
  5. Last but not least keep your file name below 24 characters in length.