This information for those of you who are new to using the internet. Netiquette refers to the commonly accepted etiquette for interaction between people on the internet. Netiquette is especially relevant to the use of discussion boards and real time chat, where people are communicating through text over the internet. A simple example of a netiquette rule is that anything typed in ALL CAPS is considered as being yelled. goes into more detail about Netiquette and outlines commonly accepted rules.


A sub-element of Netiquette is the use of Emoticons to express emotion through text. An Emoticon is a combination of letters used to represent an emotion as a visual symbol.

The most well known is the ‘smiley face’ which is made up of a colon, a dash and a closing bracket to make a sideways face with a smile… 🙂 …like so. If it’s not clear, the colon makes up the eyes, the dash is the nose and the bracket is the smiling mouth. For more information about emoticons including more examples, visit or

Net lingo and acronyms

Users of the internet have developed their own variation on traditional English. The internet has it’s own slang and acronyms that can be confusing to new users. is a dictionary of all the terms and acronyms that you might stumble upon on the web.